• Father asks why social workers questioned his daughter


    MAIDEN, N.C. - Late Wednesday afternoon the DSS told Channel 9 that they are investigating inappropriate discipline at Kids First Child Care, but wouldn't provide details.

    One father said he wants to know why social workers questioned and checked out children as young as infants without their parent's permission.

    "They blew it. I mean you can't take kids, lock them in a room and talk to them," said Aaron Parson.

    Parson said he didn't know about the DSS investigation at his children's day care near Maiden until Thursday, when

    Kids First Incorporated sent home a letter asking parents to cooperate with social workers.

    Parson said they had already talked to children in a room with a day care worker present.

    "They did not let them leave until they got all of their answers," said Parson. He said his 5-year-old daughter no longer wants to go to the day care she loves.

    "She is scared the people will talk to her like that again," said Parson.

    Parson said social workers even spent time with his 6-month-old son. "There is no way they could talk or communicate," said Parson.

    Parson said he trusts the day care workers, despite allegations someone took discipline too far, but he has still not heard from social services and they haven't returned his calls.

    "No one will let us know the whole situation," said Parson.

    This afternoon, a DSS administrator told Channel 9 that he can't comment because of confidentiality laws. He said the law allows them to interview children without their parents' permission or presence, so there are no outside influences on children.

    They day care owner refused to speak with Eyewitness News.

    The day care near Maiden was recently inspected by DSS and given a superior classification. She owns another home day care near Lincolnton that has five stars, the highest inspection ranking for a home day care.

    "I've never seen her do anything inappropriate," said neighbor Agnes Charles.

    The DSS administrator said if they interviewed children without the parent's' permission they usually contact the parents that same day.

    He said if there is a delay it is usually because the contact information given to them is wrong.

    Parson said the day care has both his and his wife's correct cellphone numbers and their address, and that he still has yet to hear from the DSS.

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