• Feds arrest West Charlotte man for manufacturing anabolic steroids


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - According to court records reviewed by Eyewitness News, investigators from the Drug Enforcement Agency's Charlotte field office obtained information Thursday about suspicious shipments sent from a Florida laboratory company to an apartment off Tacoma Street in West Charlotte. The shipments were sent to "Zifcak,", according to records.

    DEA agents went to the apartment on Friday afternoon, and Alexander Zifcak answered the door. During a sweep of the property, investigators found two large beakers and 50 small glass vials full of a yellow liquid believed to be anabolic steroids, according to court filings. Investigators said the vials were capped for use with a syringe.

    DEA agents also found a large crate believed to contain a pill press for the manufacture of controlled substances, according to court records.

    Authorities arrested Zifcak Friday and charged him with manufacturing and possession with intent to distribute a schedule III controlled substance.

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