• Final survivor of Boston Marathon bombings out of hospital

    By: Blair Miller


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - The final survivor of the Boston marathon bombing is out of the hospital on Monday night.

    She is the sister of Nicole Gross, the woman from Charlotte also hurt in the blast.

    Eyewitness News has followed their recovery and the message she has for those who stood by her.

    Erika Brannock and Nicole Gross are close sisters. They were in Boston on the day of the bombings to cheer on their mother who was running in the race.

    Now, their family bond may be closer than ever before as they both recover back home.

    On Monday, Erika Brannock left the hospital in Boston with her mother at her side.

    Brannock lost her leg in the bombings and spent 50 days in the hospital, the longest of any of the Boston marathon bombing survivors. She said the support of others helped her recover.

    "It's completely been inspiration. Every letter that I've gotten has helped me through this and just really pushed me forward to get better and to you know get stronger and get healthy," she said.

    Brannock's sister, Nicole, who is from Charlotte hurt both of her legs in the blast.

    Now Nicole continues her rehab at home and possibly faces two more surgeries on her leg.

    Both women were in Boston waiting to cheer on their mother at the finish line of the race.

    Brannock is a pre-school teacher in Baltimore and looks forward to seeing her students.

    "I sent them a video a few weeks into being here. Just letting them know that I miss them and I loved them. They sent me one back saying hi and I sent another video since then to show them the floor and kind of introduce them to my new body, so when they first saw me wouldn't be shocked or scared," said Brannock.

    Brannock is home in Baltimore on Monday night.

    As for Gross, she and her husband are expected to attend a 5K run in NoDa on Friday night to raise money for the Be Strong, Stay Strong Foundation.

    It is set up to help the recovery of all three.

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