• First of its kind coyote study coming after recent sightings


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - After several coyote sightings around Charlotte recently the North Carolina Wildlife Commission is planning to start tracking the animals in the area.
    It’s the first study of its kind in the Southeast.
    Starting next spring, officials will survey people about coyotes.
    Then in the summer of 2016, officials will start putting tracking collars on at least 30 coyotes in Charlotte.
    Officials will follow the coyotes movements and learn more about their eating and living habits.
    Channel 9 has reported on multiple sightings recently in and around Charlotte.  A coyote killed a cat in the Selwyn Farms neighborhood a couple weeks ago.

    Officials said they haven’t seen more coyotes, they’re just more apparent this time of year.

    Coyote pups born in the spring are old enough to venture out on their own.

    Officials do not have any plans to control the coyote population. They said if they remove one, another coyote will simply take its place.


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    First of its kind coyote study coming after recent sightings

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