• Fort Mill Vietnam vet receives new roof, home upgrades from local groups

    By: Greg Suskin


    FORT MILL, S.C. - A Vietnam veteran received a new roof Wednesday thanks to the help of local organizations.

    RoofRoof of Charlotte, Owens Corning and Habitat for Humanity spent the day installing a new roof at Emanuel Barrett’s home on Joe Louis Street in Fort Mill.

    The event was part of Owens Corning’s national Roof Deployment Project. The company donated shingles and supplies for the $6,000 job, which was done for free.



    Home Depot also donated $15,000 for interior work such as electrical wiring, HVAC insulation and ceiling repairs.

    Barrett said he had been dealing with a leaky roof for a while, and even had pans in the house to catch water that would come into his home. 

    The contractor with RoofRoof, who donated his time and labor, said Barrett had a new roof installed just six years ago after major hailstorms, but the work was poorly done.

    "You had a lot of storm chaser companies that came through, took advantage of these people,” the contractor said. “They didn't do the work, and took their money and took off."

    Barrett, who lives alone, said that while he is grateful for the work, he wanted to stay out of the public spotlight. His neighbors said he’s worthy of all the attention.

    "If he went and fought for our country, then when he comes back, he should get all the help he deserves," a neighbor said.

    Channel 9 was told that once the roofing work is done, workers will take care of the interior upgrades, then finish it all off with a new coat of paint.

    "He's been dealing with leaking issues in his house for a number of years now, and to be able to have that resolved and to have that no longer be a worry for him is a big change," the contractor with RoofRoof said.

    Eyewitness News reporter Greg Suskin was at the home and spoke to Barrett as he received a new roof. Learn what the gesture means to him at 5:14 p.m. on Channel 9.

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