Four percent of American Airlines flights canceled in June

Four percent of American Airlines flights canceled in June

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — New data analyzed by the Wall Street Journal shows American Airlines canceled 4 percent of its flights in June, amounting to 7,500 flights.

That figure is more than six times that of United Airlines and 18 times that of Delta canceled flights, according to the WSJ.

The airline blamed the cancellations on bad weather in Dallas and a current dispute with the mechanic's union.

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A spokesperson confirmed American Airlines is canceling flights in cases where planes would have been swapped out in the past. A spokesperson also confirmed in drastic situations, American is booking canceled passengers on other airlines if they have an emergency like a funeral.

Airline expert Michael Lowrey calls American's cancellations highly unusual and problematic. Still, he predicts this will be a short-term issue for the airline.

"Flyers, passengers and the American public are very forgiving," Lowrey said. "We have short memories."

By the end of the year, American plans to increase its 660 daily flights out of Charlotte to 700.

Critics said American's Charlotte hub limits choices and increases prices. But, it also makes Charlotte the sixth busiest airport in North America.