Fourth-grader sends nude pictures to strangers online, authorities say

CLEVELAND COUNTY, N.C. — A fourth-grade student in Cleveland County sent a nude video to strangers over the Internet, detectives said.

The video is circulating online, and detectives said it’s going to be hard to find the individuals responsible.

Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Joel Shores said detectives are helping the Boiling Springs Police Department with the investigation.

Shores said young people should realize that once a photo or video is sent out on the Internet, there isn’t much that law enforcement can do to retract it.

He said removing the video from circulation on the Internet is almost impossible.

“Technology has gotten to the point where there are just some things we can’t get a conclusion to,“ Shores said.

Shores said tracking down perpetrators online also adds another level of difficulty. He issued a warning to children and parents about talking to strangers online.

“Parents need to know this, kids need to know this: Once you send, upload, download, tweet, it can’t be brought back. It’s out in the Internet world,” he said.

Children should not have access to the Internet without parental supervision and parents should monitor their children’s Internet access, Shores said.

Detectives said social media triggered the video’s creation. They claim that the girl was using an app before she came across pornography.

The girl met strangers online who encouraged her to make the video, detectives said.