• Friends of slain teacher want killer to come forward

    By: Trish Williford


    NEWTON, N.C. - Close friends of Newton teacher Maggie Daniels, who was killed nearly two weeks ago, said they are devastated by her death and shocked that her killer hasn't been caught.

    Judson Terrell's wife Rachel Terrell grew up with Daniels in Cleveland, Ohio.

    Since then, Daniels and Rachel Terrell lost touch but reconnected years later when they ended up in the Carolinas working as teachers. 

    The Terrells said they just saw Daniels one month ago at the birth of their young son.

    Then four weeks later, the Terrells received the phone call that Daniels was killed inside her apartment.

    "We thought it was some kind of weird sick joke or something," said Judson Terrell.

    Newton police have released very little information about Daniels' death and have not said how the popular guidance counselor died.

    Judson Terrell said he's been listening to all the rumors and speculation surrounding her death including a Twitter message where someone warned Daniels to be careful about a neighbor.

    "Someone was obviously worried. It was enough that she mentioned it to somebody. I definitely think it's worth looking into,” he said.

    Judson Terrell is encouraging the killer to come forward.

    "Do you really want to live with this the rest of your life?" he said.


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    Friends of slain teacher want killer to come forward