Garbage piling up after trash collection company suddenly goes under

Garbage piles up in Rowan Co. communities

ROWAN COUNTY, N.C. — Garbage is piling up for some rural communities in Rowan County after a trash collection company suddenly went out of business.

Some neighbors told Channel 9 they are fed up and want answers because their trash hasn't been picked up in more than a week.

Loryn Kilpatrick is frustrated because her garbage can in front of her Rockwell home is full and has been for a week and now garbage is mounting on the back porch.

"It was kind of a shock. You don't expect your garbage to not be picked up," Kilpatrick said.  "Just no notice, just didn't pick it up."

She said Crash Morrison garbage service was supposed to pick up her family's trash last Monday and she has only learned through word of mouth that the company may have gone out of business.

"I feel like we got done dirty," she said.

Rebecca Darconte feels the same way.

"He left his residential customers hanging to fend for themselves and that wasn't right," Darconte said.

Her garbage was also supposed to be picked up last Monday. 

Last week she and her husband hired a new service who came and got the trash instead. 

Problem is, the couple had already paid Morrison through the end of the year.

"We paid him through December and he owes us money, and we're on a fixed income and that kind of hurts," Darconte said.

Last week the nearby towns of Landis and China Grove were also not serviced.  

They said at the last minute, Morrison told them his company was going out of business. 

Both were forced to use town employees to collect the garbage and have now hired other trash workers temporarily.

Channel 9 went to an address for the business but a man said neither Morrison nor his estranged wife were at home.

Channel 9 also tried calling the company and received a recording the first time; the second time speaking with the owner's mother, who hung up once we identified who we were.