• Gas drops below $3 per gallon in South Carolina


    SOUTH CAROLINA - It’s a well-known fact that gas is cheaper in South Carolina.

    According to AAA, the state average Wednesday is more than 20 cents cheaper south of the border.

    But if you want the really cheap gas, drivers will have to drive a little bit farther.

    The sign at the gas station at Sam’s Club in the southern part of Rock Hill on David Lyle Boulevard said $2.97 per gallon Wednesday morning.

    Channel 9 returned Wednesday afternoon and the price had dropped again.

    At a small convenience store south of Rock Hill, on Lesslie Highway, the pumps were very busy.

    “This is about the cheapest place you can get gas right here,” said customer Harry Williams. “I wish it would drop more, but $2.98, but you can't beat $2.98."

    The price of $2.98 per gallon is 20 cents below the state average and 40 cents cheaper than drivers will find in Charlotte.

    Prices went up as Channel 9 got closer to the state line.  Channel 9 found prices at $3.11 and $3.12 at stations along Carowinds Boulevard.
    Jack Dawley said the price drop doesn't make sense.

    "It's amazing to me because we've got wars going on and everything else, you wouldn't think it would come down,” said Dawley.

    Howard Threatt said the same.

    "It looks like it's a racket going up, down, up, down,” Threatt said.

    For some, cheap gas is a big deal.

    Store owners said the low prices drive more people into their shops, and that's where they make the money anyway.

    When Channel 9 asked customers if they expect this to last, optimism fizzles out at the pump.

    "I don't know what it is. I think a lot of it is politics,” one driver said.

    Maybe not this time. AAA of Charlotte said we have boosted production of domestic oil, so because we are buying less from overseas, that has brought prices down.  

    A spokesperson with AAA said he doesn't think prices will go back up any time soon.

    Check out gas prices in your area here.

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