Gas prices at lowest point in nearly three years, experts say

Gas prices at lowest point in nearly three years, experts say

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — It's no secret that gas prices are better in South Carolina.

Drivers like Tawanda Moore drive across the border from Charlotte to get a deal.

“It's always great. I frequently come here to the Rock Hill area to take advantage of the lower prices,” Moore said.

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Now, she’s getting a price she hasn't had in years: $1.85 in South Carolina, compared to just over $2.00 in Charlotte.

Watch the video above as anchor John Paul explains why gas prices have dipped so low.

The area hasn’t had those kinds of prices in nearly three years. You have to go back to March of 2016.

The gas price drop has even surprised experts at AAA.

“I didn't expect that they would be this low,” said Tiffany Wright, with AAA Carolinas. “I didn't expect to be below the $2 mark at certain pumps this time of year. It's like Christmas has come early.”

The Carolinas are getting in on this early Christmas gift.

Gas near uptown Charlotte is about $2.21. In Matthews, it's $1.96. In South Carolina, gas is, on average, between $1.77 and $1.85.

"They are falling very fast. That is typically something we don't see,” Wright said. “They usually rise like a rocket and fall like a feather.”

Despite holiday travel, demand for gas is relatively low.

Combine that with the cheaper winter blend of fuel, and you're getting those prices.

How long will it last?

“I can't tell you how low it's going to go,” Wright said. “I can just say enjoy it while you can, because it won't last forever.”

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