5-year-old Mooresville girl viciously attacked by family's pit bull

MOORESVILLE, N.C. — A 5-year-old girl sustained serious injuries Sunday afternoon when she was attacked by her family's pit bull in Mooresville, officials said.

Emergency crews were called to the incident on Burke Circle.

Neighbor Larry Davis said he called 911 without knowing the cries for help he was hearing were coming from a child.

"I heard a bunch of screaming and hollering so I called 911,” Davis said. "Why he (the dog) did that, I have no idea."

Police said the pit bull had the child by the head and shoulder and continued to be aggressive when emergency responders arrived.

The dog had to be subdued by fire and police officials until Animal Control arrived, officials said.

Neighbor Sarah Toby said her father rushed to help the child as soon as he heard the screaming two houses away.

"He had to put the dog in between his legs and grabbed his collar and there was another man holding him as well,” Toby said. “It had her hair, so they had to cut her hair, and her scalp was kind of messed up because it pulled her scalp."

Neighbors told Channel 9 that the same pit bull had killed a small dog across the street.

“It ran over there and started attacking the dog and then it (the other dog) died,” Toby said. "Cases like this, it makes pit bulls look not as good. They're adorable. Not all of them are that mean."

The child was taken to Lake Norman Regional Medical Center but was released later in the day.

Iredell County Animal Control is investigating.