• Family: Father arrested after defending daughter teased for having cancer

    By: Erica Bryant


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A teenage girl battling breast cancer said she might give up a sport she loves -- not because of her illness, but because of a brawl during her softball game that her family said started after the other team teased her about having cancer.

    Eyewitness News anchor Erica Bryant talked to the family.

    Hannah Roberts, 13, underwent a mastectomy a few months ago but she's continued to play fast-pitch softball.
    After what happened over the weekend though, her mom said she never wants to play again.
    Police said a fight broke out during her softball game this past weekend and Hannah's father was arrested.
    “They did lock up, and there was fists being thrown," said Scottie Goble, a softball coach.
    Goble of the opposing team said James Roberts and several others came rushing towards his dugout.

    “They came looking for us. They came looking for us,” he said. “Mr. Roberts runs and punched Mr. York.”
    Goble said Roberts hit one of his team parents and gave him a bloody nose over what he now thinks was all a big misunderstanding.
    Hannah's mother said they thought people were making fun of Hannah's illness calling her "cancer girl.”
    Goble said they didn't even know that Hannah was sick.
    “If Mr. Roberts thought somebody said that, I can understand why he was upset but I promise you nothing like that was ever said,” Goble said.

    Roberts is concerned about the fallout on his players.

    “We're going to be known as the team that mocked the team with cancer and that could not be further from the truth,” Goble said. “I sympathize with Mr. Roberts but he was in the wrong. He was wrong."
    Roberts was charged with assault and his court date is Sept. 4.

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    Family: Father arrested after defending daughter teased for having cancer

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