Good Samaritan helps recover vehicle after man carjacked in broad daylight

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A Charlotte man is counting his blessings, knowing the injuries he suffered during a Thursday carjacking could have been a lot worse.

We spoke to the victim by phone, who told us he was banged up, but OK and thankful for a good Samaritan, who helped police find his car – and his belongings.

Christina Lindsey-Nelson said she was working Thursday when she spotted a group of men outside her job, rummaging through what was later determined to be a stolen car. Even at the time, she knew something wasn’t right.

“I seen all the stuff on the ground. I seen personal information. Letters, and stuff like that,” Lindsey-Nelson said. “So I'm thinking if my car was vandalized, I would probably want somebody to do the same thing for me.”

Police charged three teenagers – the youngest just 15 years old – with robbery and assault, arresting them following the carjacking at Carolina Pavilion on South Boulevard.

The victim said he gave the teens what they asked for but was beaten anyway.

“I felt kind of bad for him because he said I gave them what they needed,” Lindsey-Nelson said. “I don’t know why they continued to pummel him.”

Lindsey-Nelson found the victim’s business card among the belongings scattered next to the stolen vehicle, calling him to let him know she’d found his vehicle.

Investigators said the three teenagers were arrested and the victim’s car was recovered just 20 minutes after the assault happened.