Grandma says overhead cable so low grandchildren could reach it

Grandma says overhead cable so low grandchildren could reach it

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Valerie Walker took a picture of a cable line hanging above a fence near her home.

"I have grandkids. They could touch the wire. It was low enough for them to reach it," she said.

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The line belonged to Spectrum, so she called the company.

"I specifically told them the hazard that it presented on my very first call," she said. "Each time I would call to do a follow-up call, speak to someone different, they would give me a different confirmation number, promise that they would be here, and nobody would show."

She told Action 9 the back and forth lasted about four months.

"They just never came to get it," she said.

That's when she contacted Action 9's Jason Stoogenke.

Stoogenke emailed Spectrum and within two weeks the company fixed the cable.

Spectrum didn't say why it didn't raise the cable before we got involved, just that it's resolved now.

"Action 9 is the answer. And (I) got in touch with you guys, two weeks later, it's done. That's all I wanted in the first place," she told Stoogenke.

If you think you have a safety issue, don't wait.

Call 311, call the company and if you're not getting anywhere, let Action 9 know.