Granite Falls residents grow impatient over slow-going work on bridge

A heavily traveled bridge on Falls Avenue in Granite Falls that has been closed for three months may be closed for another year.

The Department of Transportation had no choice but to shut down the bridge that crosses Old Millpond because the pylons underneath have been splintered and a section of the road above has buckled.

But residents who live nearby said they have seen very little work done to fix it.

"I haven't seen (any) work vehicles, (any) city vehicles go down through there or (anything)," Joshua Roberts said.

"It's our main route to (Highway) 321, to everything," Barbara Teague said.

The bridge, which was built in 1942, was supposed to be fixed in a month, according to the DOT.

After three months, the DOT is now looking at replacing the entire bridge, Channel 9 learned.

"If my mom has problems, I know there is going to be a delay for her to get an ambulance or whatever," Amanda Smith said.

"It's just been a mess for us all,” Robin Reece said. “For every one of us, it has been really hard."

Police said they are working with sheriff's deputies and a local volunteer fire department to provide coverage for the dozens of homes on the other side of the bridge.

Residents hope work begins soon.

"It could take a year?” Joshua Roberts said. “Whew, I hope not. Honestly, I mean, three months already has felt like three years."

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