• Researchers say 13-foot great white shark bitten by even bigger shark


    Researchers have come across a nearly 13-foot great white shark with teeth marks on its jaw and head, and they said the animal was likely bitten by an even bigger shark.

    The great white was being tracked in the North Atlantic Ocean, according to officials with OCEARCH.

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    The great white shark, called Vimy, was caught and tagged off the coast near Pennsylvania and Connecticut Monday.

    In a photo posted on Facebook by OCEARCH, the shark can be seen with two big bite marks on its head. One bite mark seems pretty healed, but the other they said looks very fresh.

    OCEARCH Founding Chairman Chris Fischer said he has two guesses about why the shark might have been bitten: It was either competing with other male sharks for a female, or he tried mating with a larger female, and she bit him.

    Fischer said the teeth marks suggest the attacker was two or more feet longer.

    Vimy is the newest shark on the organization's tracker that people can follow through OCEARCH.

    OCEARCH is a data-centric organization that helps scientists collect previously unattainable data in the ocean through research and explorations. 

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