• Guns will be allowed in locked cars on public school campuses


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - While many states pushed tougher gun laws after tragedies like the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, North Carolina lawmakers went the other way.

    Starting Oct. 1, guns will be allowed at public school campuses, where they've always been banned before. Parents said they are concerned.

    "Safety for the children. I don't think they should be allowed on any college campus or any school campus," said a parent.

    There are some major restrictions to the new state law.

    First, you have to have a concealed weapons permit. Second, the handgun has to be inside a locked compartment inside a locked car.

    State Rep. Kelly Alexander, who voted against the law, said that's still not safe enough for children. He's worried about guns getting stolen from cars.

    "We are going to have a very careful look at the security around parking garages and areas especially in light of the fact that vehicles could have weapons in them," Alexander said.

    Gun store owner Larry Hyatt told Channel 9 the new law is only helping law-abiding citizens and won't affect criminals or lead to crimes.

    "The bad people carry their guns illegally. They don't have permits. They're going to do their bad deeds regardless of what the law is," Hyatt said.

    The law affects all public schools and universities. Private schools can be exempt.

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