Hickory high school band performs drive-in concert

HICKORY, N.C. — This year, countless events have been canceled, but the annual holiday band concert at Hickory High School wasn’t one of them.

On Tuesday night, the school’s parking lot looked similar to a drive-in movie theater for the outdoor performance.

“With everything going on, it’s really nice to be able to come together as a band and make music together,” band member Samuel McDaniel said.

To help maintain proper social distancing, members were spread out and many of the instruments were covered to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

“It’s my band family. I’m a drum major and it’s my responsibility to make sure everyone is OK and make sure everybody has their masks on,” Rachel Garcia said.

The concert’s theme was “A Night at the Movies” featuring music from “Star Wars,” “Jurassic Park,” “E.T.” and “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

There was no cost to attend.