High-speed rail from Charlotte to Atlanta could cost up to $15B

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — High-speed rail service connecting Charlotte to other major metros in the Southeast has long been a topic of interest for business leaders, from local real estate titan Johnny Harris to Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper.

But while one such possibility could whisk passengers from here to Atlanta in as little as two short hours, the process of making that prospect a reality moves much slower.

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On Thursday, Georgia transportation officials laid out three different possibilities for the project at a meeting in Charlotte and the price tag on the plans range from $2 billion to $15 billion.

“Atlanta is overpopulated, and roadways are jam packed with people. It'd be a great idea," driver John Moskal said.

The slowest route would cost $2.3 billion and take between four and five-and-a-half hours.

The fastest option would take only two hours, but would cost $15 billion.

Another option would less than three hours and would cost between $13 billion and $15 billion.

According to officials, there is currently no funding for the project.

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