‘Hmmm, I didn’t authorize that’: Man says $9,600 disappeared from his bank account

MOORESVILLE, N.C. — A Mooresville man says someone stole close to $10,000 from his company’s bank account. He thought it would be an easy fix but when the bank wouldn’t replace the money, he turned to Action 9 for help.

Chip Goode worked in the NASCAR industry for 19 years. Now, he sells insurance.

Goode told Action 9 investigator Jason Stoogenke that he checks his bank account daily.

“Came in one day and I saw a pending transaction for $9,600. I was like, ‘Hmmm, I didn’t authorize that,’” he told Stoogenke.

He called his bank, Wells Fargo, to stop the transaction from going through, but he said that didn’t work.

“The very next day, the money was completely out of my account, and over the next two or three months, I spent numerous hours on and off the phone,” Goode said.

He says Wells Fargo investigated the issue, but it did not replace the money.

“So (I) decided to reach out to you,” he told Stoogenke. “Growing up in North Carolina all my life, I’ve seen multiple stories and I never thought I would be on this side of the camera asking for help, but … I was very happy that I did.”

Action 9 emailed the bank and eight days later Goode shared some good news. “Walked in my office, did what I always do, kind of checking my accounts and here’s the $9,600 back in,” he said. “Once again, (I’m) very thankful for you guys, as well as Wells for finally coming through.”

Goode says he still doesn’t know who stole the money and how they were able to do it, or why he couldn’t work it out with the bank on his own.

Wells Fargo emailed Action 9 the following statement:

“(We) are unable to discuss information regarding specific customers or our investigative process on claims that are filed, due to customer privacy and confidentiality. When a customer notifies us of an issue, we will conduct a review. Each situation is unique, and while we are not able to share specifics, our review may determine reimbursement is appropriate based on the situation or information provided.”

Here’s some advice from Action 9 no matter where you bank:

— Keep a close eye on your accounts. Catching a problem early usually helps.

— You are required to notify your bank of an unauthorized transaction within 60 days of getting your statement.

— In most cases, the bank usually has 10 business days to investigate.

— If the bank finds in your favor, it only has one business day to replace the money.

For more information on your rights in this type of situation, click here.

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