HOLIDAY TRAVEL: Travelers packing interstates, airports in record numbers

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Charlotte Douglas International Airport will see thousands more passengers this weekend, as people are traveling for the holiday.

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Holiday travel at the airport peaked Friday, when officials expected 31,000 people to fly out. That’s about 7,000 more travelers than the airport sees on a typical December day.

Officials with AAA said the number of people flying across the country this year is higher than it has been in 15 years, and the Transportation Security Administration has added extra officers to keep security lines moving.

“It looks like it’s going pretty steady,” one passenger told Channel 9. “A little bit more hectic than normal, but overall, looking forward to getting through the process and flying out to enjoy myself this holiday.”

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The airport is busy, and the roads will be even busier this weekend, as those who aren’t flying are hitting the highways instead.

Gas prices are at their lowest in years, something that caught even AAA officials off guard.

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Channel 9 found gas as cheap as $1.77 per gallon in South Carolina, where prices haven’t been that low in almost three years.

Experts said prices are falling because demand for gas is relatively low and the winter blend of fuel is cheaper.

“I can't tell you how low it's going to go,” said Tiffany Wright, with AAA. “I can just say enjoy it while you can because it won't last forever.”

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