Hotel stay for former Tent City residents ends; temporary housing located

CHARLOTTE — Fences currently surround the land that was once home to Charlotte’s Tent City.

Of the 215 people the county moved to hotels, 58 remain, but they must move out by Thursday, which has been the county’s deadline for months.

Karen Pelletier, the county’s CSS Director of Housing Strategy, Policy and Alignment, said she isn’t worried.

“Everyone will have a place to go,” Pelletier said. “It’s been definitely a community lift.”

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Pelletier said the remaining guests will be moved to new hotels thanks to Roof Above and Block Love Charlotte. Catholic Charities also moved 26 people last week to a new hotel.

The guests will stay there until they find a permanent housing solution, like dozens of other former Tent City residents already have.

“It has been such a sigh of relief for people to really see them be able to get back on their feet,” Pelletier said.

“If we had one person get out of a tent and into permanent housing, it would be an incredible success,” said Bethany McDonald, programs director for Hearts Beat as One.

Hearts Beat As One is a nonprofit that helps at-risk and marginalized communities in Charlotte. The group has been working nonstop with former Tent City residents over the past few months.

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McDonald said she is grateful so many people are now in better situations.

“Knowing that so many people got the treatments and the opportunities they deserve is just overwhelming,” she said.

The county said using hotels as a place for homeless people worked well and they will continue to use the strategy in the future. Over the course of time the hotels have been in service, around 50 people have chosen to leave on their own.

For more information on Hearts Beat as One, click here.

(Watch the video below: County, partners assist people from Tent City move from hotel to housing)