How to make the most of your virtual Thanksgiving

How to make the most of your virtual Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving won’t look the same this year. Instead of big family gatherings, many people won’t be traveling to see loved ones.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is urging everyone to forego travel or hosting large gatherings to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

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Channel 9 reporter Elsa Gillis spoke with a Charlotte event planner who shared advice on how families and friends can celebrate the holiday together, even when they’re apart.

“Just don’t phone it in. Do it as though everybody from your family is coming,” said Jennifer Bishop, owner of J. Leigh Events. “Make it beautiful and enjoy it even if it’s just two of you.”

Here are her suggestions for how to make a virtual Thanksgiving feel special:

Get organized

Have someone be the host, especially if you have a large family. Get the most lively person in the family who will keep the chatter going. Also, designate a time for video chatting. Don’t plan to be online the entire day.

Cook together

Put the computer or phone in the kitchen and talk about what you’re doing.

Share a dish

If one of Grandmother’s recipes is always a favorite, everyone should make it so at least there’s one dish at the table to “share.”

Get dressed up

As tempting as it is to go extra casual, consider ditching the sweatpants. If your family usually gets dressed up for Thanksgiving, do the same this year. Feel free to skip the uncomfortable shoes, but do treat it like it’s a special holiday, even if you are staying home and not with a group of people.

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