• Humane society brings in rescued pets from punishing floodwaters

    By: Stephanie Tinoco


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Rescuers are risking their lives to carry terrified pets out of the floodwaters

    Humane society told Channel 9 it has taken in about 60 pets so far following punishing downpours across the Carolinas.

    Currently, the humane society still has empty crates because it has been making space for after the storm.

    Watch the video above as reporter Stephanie Tinoco talks to humane society officials about the process of taking in rescued animals.

    It anticipates a greater need once Hurricane Florence finishes its torture.

    The humane society said it started taking in animals from the Outer Banks down through South Carolina as early as Wednesday night.

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    A spokesperson said the staff had to move the pets in their care over to boarding and day care facilities in the Charlotte area to make room for the animals that have evacuated.

    Many of those animals are now in some of those boarding facilities and in foster homes to ride out the storm.

    A spokesperson told Channel 9 that people in the area have stepped up to help.

    As soon as the humane society started receiving animals, people asked about fostering animals.

    The humane society is focusing on clearing out as much space as possible to get ready for emergency placement after the storm.

    "With all the animal movement that's happening currently, we can be a standby shelter for any of the organizations that are transporting in case of a breakdown or emergency,” said Huck Hawazi, with the humane society."

    A humane society spokesperson said the animals that will stay under their care will be the ones that need extra care or attention.

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