Brookshire ramp reopens after paint spill

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Charlotte firefighters had to block a busy Charlotte highway Friday morning after hundreds of gallons of paint were spilled across the road.

Crews responded to the Brookshire Boulevard southbound ramp to Interstate 85 around 8 a.m. after they said nearly 300 gallons of paint spilled across the roadway.

Brookshire remained closed Saturday afternoon as crews continued the clean up. It reopened later in the afternoon.

Officials said a large container fell off the back of a flatbed truck while trying to get on I-85 from the Brookshire.

Reporter Jason Stoogenke spoke with the company, Hasco, and asked if the drivers would have trouble getting the paint off. They said it was water-based paint and would wash off any cars.

When the paint container overturned, the paint initially pooled on the road, but as traffic drove over the paint, it spread beyond the spot of the initial spill.

Hazmat crews have been called to help clean up the mess and motorists are being urged to avoid the area.

The two right lanes of Brookshire Boulevard were closed Friday after the spill, as well as one lane on the ramp to I-85 northbound.

If the paint doesn't come off easily, the Better Business Bureau said drivers should contact the company and expect its insurance to pick up the tab. Make sure to have proof that you were at the scene and what happened to the car.

CDOT said the company is responsible for all costs of cleaning up the accident.

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