Hundreds wait in line to get COVID-19 test ahead of Thanksgiving

Hundreds wait in line to get COVID-19 test ahead of Thanksgiving

YORK COUNTY, S.C. — The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control tests about 300 people a day in the parking lot of the Winthrop Coliseum, but that number is expected to rise as people line up to get tested before Thanksgiving.

Channel 9 talked to parents who are concerned about their son coming home from college.

“He wants to come home for Thanksgiving. He just got tested, and he’s clean. But before he came home from college, we wanted to make sure we were clean too,” the couple said.

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Keith Johanson broke down, telling reporter Greg Suskin about a friend he just lost -- it’s the reason he’s waiting for a test.

“A friend of mine went in the hospital with COVID, and I got a test then. I was negative and two days ago he died, and I just want to get another test,”Johanson.”He was my best friend.”

Around the state the percentage of positive tests is very high. It’s at 17% statewide and higher locally.

Breakdown of the 7-day average in area counties:

  • York 19.8%
  • Chester 21.6%
  • Lancaster 19.1%
  • Chesterfield 15.6%

Some hope an increase in testing will zero in on the areas of high community spread.

“Hopefully, this helps know where things are spreading and all that,” one resident said.

Like many others who were waiting in their cars for a nasal swab at the coliseum, Jeff McClure has a relative who is sick.

“Guess I was trying to lead by example, I’ll go and get tested, and maybe others will follow the lead you know, and they’ll know that this thing is real,” McClure said.

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