Huntersville, Cornelius consider House Bill 514

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Teri Barton has a granddaughter at North Mecklenburg High School, but supports the idea of letting Huntersville create its own charter schools.

“North Meck is so big. Charter school isn't so big,” Barton said.

On Monday night, leaders in Huntersville and Cornelius voted to consider adding the towns to controversial House Bill 514. The original bill allows Matthews and Mint Hill to create their own municipal charter schools, but it's been strongly opposed by CMS.

"This is an option we may need, because if you look at the history of CMS and how it's treated the suburbs, there's been this disconnect of building the schools where children are or where they will be and where CMS wants to build the schools,” Huntersville Mayor Aneralla said.

"I'm a big fan of CMS, but at the same time we need more CMS capacity in Cornelius. We have been disappointed in the last bond package,” David Gilroy said.

In a statement today, CMS said, "The CMS position remains the same no matter which community sees the need to support the proposed legislation."

Some parents said this idea could give their kids a better education.

"I think we need to trust the mayor of this city that he knows what’s best for this area," Angi Greene said.

"In a charter school, kids get more personal help, so they don't get lost in the shuffle as much," Teri Barton said.