Huntersville homeowners want city to relocate neighboring gun range

Huntersville homeowners want city to relocate neighboring gun range

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. — Upset neighbors in the Arrington subdivision will ask the Huntersville Zoning Board of Adjustment to relocate a shooting range that borders their properties.

Many homeowners told Channel 9 that when they bought their new houses, they were unaware of the neighboring gun range. They claim they hear gunfire at all hours of the day. The subdivision sits off Bud Henderson Road, near Beatties Ford Road.

Adele Silliman said she hears the gunshots when she’s out for her morning walks and even at home a few blocks away. Other neighbors told Channel 9 they’re concerned the bullets are too close for comfort, which is why they’re asking town leaders to relocate the gun range.

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They said it violates a county ordinance that restricts gunfire within 900 feet of a house, school, church or other property while there are people around.

“I’m kind of like in between both sides,” Silliman said. “That’s his property to do what he wants to do.”

Records show that the owner of the shooting range purchased the property in 1999, with the gun range already there. Channel 9 called and stopped by the property to ask a few questions but did not hear back from anyone.

While the neighbors may be at odds, Silliman hopes they can come to a resolution soon.

“They may need to come to a compromise,” she said. “Maybe a window with particular hours to shoot? That’s far better than just being at each other.”

The hearing is set for 6:30 p.m. at the Huntersville Recreation Center.

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