‘I assumed my life was over’: Local mom’s story of survival in fight against COVID

CHARLOTTE — As COVID-19 continues to grip the country -- including the Carolinas -- with double digit hospitalization rates, Channel 9 spoke with a young mother who spent 60 days in the hospital.

We also got a first look at where COVID patients are cared for. Channel 9 anchor Damany Lewis received unprecedented access on a COVID patient care floor at Presbyterian Hospital, where 32-year-old Donna Anders fought -- and is winning -- her battle against the virus.

From her bedside, Anders explained why she didn’t get the vaccine yet and the moment she thought she was going to die.

“When they told me the ventilator, I automatically assumed I was done and my life was over,” she told Channel 9. “I was thinking about how I couldn’t see my daughter grow up. I was thinking about all my loved ones, how I will never see them again.”

>> Watch the video at the top of this page for Anders’ remarkable story of survival, and how her doctor calls her an inspiration for all patients fighting the virus.

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