• Iconic castle in Regent Park now simply rubble, ashes


    FORT MILL, S.C. - Ashes and rubble are all that is left of a historic castle in Fort Mill, S.C.

    The castle has stood in Regent Park for decades, and people in the area told Eyewitness News that they are sad to see it go.

    The rubble was once an iconic castle and part of Heritage USA. It has been a landmark in the community, and now it is being flattened by bulldozers.

    Demolition began in March, but the bulldozers had to stop to get a permit.

    The castle was ripped apart Saturday, and soon even the rubble and debris will be gone.

    Some people in the community are saddened to see the local landmark in pieces.

    "It was kind of sad to see it go because you could see potential with it…yeah, just kind of sad to see it go," said one resident.

    But there are some people in the community that are happy to see the castle gone.

    On Eyewitness News at 6 p.m., reporter Catherine Bilkey will speak to them about why they wanted the castle torn down and what should be done next.

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