CMPD: Promoters using rental properties to host illegal parties

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department said illegal parties are putting teens in danger.

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According to police, they are busting up to six parties a week often finding underage drinking and stacks of cash.

A minor told Channel 9 he is concerned about the trend.

“I have heard it before -- overage people being at underage parties sometimes,” high school student Dwan Wilson said.

He has seen ads that sell tickets for $50 for the parties on social media.

Sgt. Chris Rains spoke about the Alcohol Beverage Control Unit at a news conference Wednesday and said his detectives are committed to enforcing the safe consumption and handling of alcohol.

Officials said a trend is emerging where people are renting property for parties where alcohol and tickets are being sold without permits.

In some cases, the people putting on the parties are choosing short-term rentals such as Airbnb, offices in business parks or abandoned homes and the location of the party isn't announced until the day of so officers have a hard time finding them.

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Police said promoters are going to landlords offering cash to host graduation or retirement parties, but in reality, it's far from it.

According to CMPD, the most recent case happened at an empty home that was up for sale.

Pictures from a party in 2017, show promoters used a rental space for a strip club. Officers said the owner admitted to renting out the space to make extra money, but many times the owners are not aware.

Officers are concerned because people are charging entry fees and selling alcohol, but no one is checking for IDs or weapons.

Police said young teens are being given as much alcohol as they can afford and end up being taken advantage of.

“The sad part – when we find these kids some of them will be so inebriated that they have to be transported by medic,” said Rains.

CMPD said it's important for parents to ask their children where they're going and who they're hanging out with.

Officers also said they have informants in the club business who tip them off about the illegal parties.

A local realtor said he's never heard of those types of parties.

He said, however, it’s important to for homeowners to invest in small cameras to install around their homes they're trying to sell to prevent something like that from happening to them.