‘I’m more nervous this year’: CMS mom shares concerns ahead of return to classrooms

CHARLOTTE — It’s been about a year since Channel 9 reporter Elsa Gillis first met Brittany Lynch and her bright-eyed, smiley 4-year-old daughter Violet.

“I think that she’s made some developmental gains, especially we’re getting closer to walking -- but I feel like some occupational therapy skills have fallen off,” Lynch said.

Channel 9 spoke with Lynch at the start of last school year, as Violet, like so many others, struggled in the remote learning setting.

A pre-K student at the Metro School, Violet has a rare genetic disorder called Angelman Syndrome. When she was able to physically be in school last year, she got the physical, occupational and speech therapy, and socialization she needs.

“She thrives in a school environment, which makes my heart so happy,” her mother told Channel 9.

That’s why Lynch is excited about getting Violet back in the classroom setting, but that excitement has been tempered by some lingering worries about the current COVID-19 landscape.

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“I am more nervous this year than what I was last year because of the delta variant and basically, what I’m doing is weighing the risks of sending my child in-person and possibly contracting COVID against not going in-person and continuing to plateau where development is concerned and regressing. So, I feel like, as a mom, I’m left with two bad decisions,” she said.

Lynch told Channel 9 they’re staying focused on keeping healthy.

“We were vaccinated as soon as we were able and you know, when Violet is eligible for a vaccine, she’ll be vaccinated,” she said. “I’ve been talking with her doctor about it already … we’re gonna continue to do our part in our own small individual way to help keep everyone safe and healthy.”

And Lynch has her eye on the light at the end of this long tunnel.

“If we can be gracious with one another … I think we’re gonna make it through the other side,” she said. “We just have to remember that we’re not in this alone we’re in this together.”

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