Inappropriate photo of Davidson high school student sent to teachers

DAVIDSON, N.C. — Davidson police are investigating after a nude picture of a 17-year-old high school student was sent to two teachers at The Community School of Davidson.

The teen told police she took the picture and sent it to her boyfriend, also a student at the school, according to the search warrant obtained by Channel 9 from the Mecklenburg County Magistrate's Office.

He told officials he was "not the only recipient" but couldn't remember who else got it.

The photo came through email from an unknown sender and Davidson police are trying to track who sent it.

This could be a case of cyberbullying, because the incident took place online, according to the warrant.

We spoke with Davidson residents and parents about the situation who were saddened to hear of another incident like this happening at a school.

"We've seen this at local high schools around here; it doesn't seem to quit. A lot of the people are doing this," said Dennis Flores. "When I was young I did little things too, but today's a little different."

One mother said parents have to keep an eye on children and their electronic devices so these devastating mistakes don't happen.

"They turn in their electronics a certain time every night," Eve Freeman said regarding what she does with her kids. "I think kids need rules and they need structures."

The school did not respond to our request for a comment on the situation.

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