Inmate argues insufficient security made Anson County prison unsafe

Inmate argues insufficient security made Anson County prison unsafe

ANSON COUNTY, N.C. — A local prison plagued by years of violence is in the spotlight again.

An inmate is suing Lanesboro Correctional Institution in Anson County, saying officials maintained a dangerous environment.

Stacey Wynn, a convicted murderer sentenced to prison for life, said he doesn’t feel safe in Lanesboro Correctional and blamed corrupt prison workers.

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On the final day of testimony, Wynn continued to try and prove the complaints laid out in the lawsuit, alleging former Lanesboro Prison Administrator Lawrence Parsons knew inmates were at risk, but acted with deliberate indifference.

Wynn argued that insufficient security made the prison unsafe.


He was assaulted twice by another inmate in 2011, stabbed and left with injuries that forced him to undergo multiple surgeries

Wynn told jurors Wednesday he did not notify guards about the first attack because he worried that guards would tell inmates he “snitched,” and put him danger.

Defense attorneys pushed back, even asserting that the incident in which Wynn was injured could have been a planned fight.

The state made another attempt to get the case thrown out, but the judge agreed to send it to the jury.

Two men who were prison workers testified that Wynn never told them about concerns or previous attacks.

Attorneys for the prison argue he had more opportunities to prevent the attacks than any prison official.

The state is making big changes at the facility after recent stabbings and a murder.

The prison holds male inmates who are classified as “close custody” that's the highest level of supervision in state prisons.

Lanesboro will change over to all women inmates and most will be in medium custody.

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