Officials: Prison administrator stabbed with plastic shank

LANESBORO, N.C. — Police in Polkton will meet Monday to determine what charges will be brought against an inmate who is accused of stabbing a prison administrator in the neck last week.

Part of the Lanesboro Correctional Institution was placed on lockdown Friday after the prison administrator -- David Mitchell -- was attacked by the inmate.

According to officials, Thomas Michael Accardi, Jr. rushed Mitchell and stabbed him in the neck with a plastic shank.

The Department of Public Safety confirmed Mitchell was attacked around 5 p.m. Officials said the injuries were not serious and that he is already back to work.

For the second time in three months, State Bureau of Investigation agents along with state and local police, are investigating an incident at the prison.

In a statement released Saturday night, prison officials said Mitchell was assaulted by an inmate and said the prisoner has been placed in segregation while the investigation is underway.

Officers also said a portion of the facility was on lockdown to maintain order.

In June, federal and state agents conducted hours of interviews with employees and guards about alleged gang-related crime and violence at the prison.

Local police said in fall 2013 a female corrections sergeant was nearly killed when an inmate sliced the officer's throat with a razor blade.

Police said they'd had multiple reports about threats made by prisoners to staff members but have never been able to make an arrest.

A release on the Department of Public Safety's website said Mitchell was moved to the prison in February 2014.