Man accused of shooting, killing woman in front of 12-year-old out on bail

Investigator: Boy witnessed mother shot to death, father injured

CLEVELAND COUNTY, N.C. — A man accused of shooting and killing a mother and hurting a father in front of their 12-year-old son was given bond Monday.

The biggest concern for the child is if the alleged shooter is going to be released from jail.

Robert Bridges' attorney said he probably won't be able to make the $500,000 bond set by the judge.

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However, on Tuesday, officials said Bridges was no longer in custody in Cleveland County.

Bridges, 40, had been held without bond since January when he shot and killed his neighbor, Myla Oaks, and critically wounded her husband, Jeff Oaks.

The neighbors had a bitter ongoing property dispute.

The deadly shooting happened on Jan. 27 on Mann Court in Cleveland County.

There are still bullet fragments in Oaks' head, and he has lost much of his ability to understand and speak about what happened.

An investigator in the case testified in court Monday.

The boy told an investigator his father was driving him to the bus stop when Bridges drove up and rammed their car from behind.

Myla Oaks drove to the scene, and all three argued loudly for five to 15 minutes.

The child was in the car with his father when bullets burst through the window.

The child told investigators he waited at the crime scene because he feared Bridges may go after other family members.

Bridges told investigators he heard the child crying for help as he walked away and unloaded his gun.

The prosecution said it will take about a year and a half to take the case to trial while Bridges will likely spend the entire time in jail.

The judge urged them to expedite the process.

The medical examiner sent Channel 9 the autopsy report, which states Myla Oaks was shot once in the head and died immediately.

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