Man claims police report error caused bank to close accounts

SHELBY, N.C. — A local police department is apologizing after an incorrect report may have caused a man to lose his bank accounts.

Donyell McCluney told Channel 9 he is still baffled by the police report.

“I don’t have a business account or a personal account, and I have a business to run,” he said.

McCluney breeds dogs and listed some puppies for sale. He said a potential buyer mailed him a cashiers check for $3,000 and he didn’t realize it was fake until he tried to buy something and his bank card declined.

“It closed my account out. It just shut it down and froze all the access,” he said.

McCluney said he then went to Shelby police. He told them he was a victim of fraud and when he went back later to get the report, the line for detailing his job read, “Unemployed, drug dealer.”

“Ah man, it hit me hard,” he said. “It’s like I have all different type emotions running through me. I was angry. I was hurt.”

McCluney had been convicted on drug charges in 2009 and served two years in prison.

“That’s my past. I moved on,” he said.

He got in to truck driving in 2015 and now owns his own business with three trucks. After seeing the report, he said he went to complain to police and when no one could fix it immediately, he took it to the bank.

He said the bank released his money but closed his account. He believes that happened because of one line in the police report.

“It just made my character look bad,” he said.

McCluney said he spent the day working on transferring his money to a new bank.

Police said it was an old filing system that had McCluney labeled as a drug dealer in 2007 and automatically kicked in. The department said it has corrected the problem in their system and apologized to McCluney.

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