‘It’s not like the flu’: Local volunteer firefighter, EMT recovers from COVID-19

‘It’s not like the flu’: First responder recovers from COVID-19 in Burke County

BURKE COUNTY, N.C. — Chelsea Mackenzie, who is a Burke County first responder, was released from the hospital Tuesday after being treated for COVID-19 with remdesivir.

“It’s not like the flu,” said Mackenzie, a volunteer firefighter and EMT. “I’ve had the flu before. It’s never done anything like this to me before. I’ve never had this much trouble breathing.”

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Chelsea Mackenzie
Chelsea Mackenzie

In Burke County, 65 people have died so far after testing positive for the coronavirus, and the positivity rate in the county is 10%.

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Morganton Mayor Ronnie Thompson, who also had COVID-19, wears a mask and face shield in public after being hospitalized for five days during the summer.

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