• Jeremy Mayfield indicted on charges of possessing stolen goods


    None - A grand jury indicted former NASCAR driver Jeremy Mayfield on Monday for allegedly having stolen property.

    Mayfield was indicted on counts of possession of stolen goods and obtaining property by false pretenses.

    PDF: Mayfield indictment

    In November, Mayfield was arrested and charged with possessing methamphetamine.  Deputies went to Mayfield's home in the town of Catawba with a search warrant after getting a tip that there were stolen goods on the property, officials said.

    During the search, deputies said they found a small amount of methamphetamine.

    Some furniture was seized by investigators in Hudson after trailers filled with 70 items were stolen from a company last February.  According to search warrants that Channel 9 obtained, Mayfield and another man were spotted in the business’s parking lot the night of the theft.

    “We were overwhelmed by how much stuff was down there,” Catawba County Sheriff Coy Reid said.

    For the first time Monday, deputies talked about a possible motive behind allegedly having the stolen property.

    “You have a lifestyle that he was used to living and he had to keep up that lifestyle,” Reid said.

    People in the town of Catawba were talking about the indictments on Monday.

    “I feel bad for him,” area resident Rachel Harp said. “Everyone makes bad choices. You just have to live with them and the consequences that come with them.”

    “(I) hate to see him lose all that, you know, and go down like it did,” Taft Allison said.

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