Jonathan Ferrell's family says 'it's not over'

5 pm: Jonathan Ferrell's family says 'it's not over'
Channel 9 reporter Blake Hanson talked to Jonathan Ferrell’s family Friday morning shortly after the decision was announced to not retry Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer Randall “Wes” Kerrick in the 2013 shooting death of Ferrell.

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Jonathan’s mother, Georgia, said she found out when she got a call Friday morning from prosecutor Teresa Postel with the North Carolina Attorney General’s Office.

Georgia Ferrell said prosecutors told her Attorney General Roy Cooper had looked over everything after a mistrial was declared last week when the acquittal-leaning jury deadlocked and he determined they would not have a retrial.

Georgia Ferrell was told presecutors didn’t think they they could get any other result.

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Georgia Ferrell and Willie Ferrell, Jonathan’s brother, couldn’t say what is next for them, but they said it’s not over.

They have already settled with the city in the civil matter, so it's not clear what options there might be.

Hanson asked about the possibility of protests and what the family's message would be for the people of North Carolina.

“Continue to march, continue to show them that we mean business, that we will not roll over and play dead,” Georgia Ferrell said.

Georgia Ferrell was emotional in our conversation talking about Kerrick, who is no longer facing charges.
Channel 9 will have more of the conversation on Eyewitness News at 5 p.m.