• Jury awards families $3M each in civil case on street-racing crash

    By: Mark Becker


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - The jury sided with two families saying a developer is to blame in a deadly street-racing crash.

    The crash killed Cynthia and McAllister Furr and Hunter Holt in 2009.

    The jury deliberated for a couple of days before coming back with the verdict Friday afternoon.

    The families of the three people killed in the collision at a southwest Charlotte intersection four years ago had sued the developer for not paying for a stoplight at that intersection.

    The families said that if the developer, Crescent Resources, had put a light at the intersection, as they had promised, the outcome would've been different.

    Crescent argued that it was the two people who were racing responsible for their deaths.

    The jury awarded each family $3 million.

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