• Man found guilty on 3 counts of murder in 2008 killings

    By: Mark Becker


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Justin Hurd has been found guilty on three counts of murder.

    He was also convicted of two kidnappings and one arson.

    Channel 9 reporter Mark Becker is inside the courthouse.

    Hurd showed no emotion as the verdict was read.

    Defense attorneys did not want to comment as they left the courthouse late Monday.

    "We're not making any comments right now. The jury's still not sequestered. We still have another part of this case to handle so we're not making any comments right now," said defense attorney Carl Grant.

    The judge has delayed the sentencing phase for the trial until Wednesday at 9:30 a.m.

    “The jury is allowed to consider in the sentencing phase all the evidence they heard in the guilt innocence phase,” said Mark Foster, attorney.

    Eyewitness News has been following the Hurd trial for weeks.

    Late last week, attorneys spent two days on closing arguments. Deliberations started Friday.

    Prosecutors worked to convince jurors that Hurd was an enforcer in a drug cartel and killed Kevin Young, Kinshasa Wagstaff and Jasmine Hines in February 2008.

    Defense attorneys said prosecutors didn't prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Hurd committed the murders.

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    Man found guilty on 3 counts of murder in 2008 killings