DOJ suggests changes at Salisbury PD after increase in violent crime

SALISBURY, N.C. — The U.S. Justice Department is recommending changes to curb violent crime in Salisbury.

The report released Tuesday contained about 10 months of work by the U.S. Department of Justice.

The Justice Department spent time looking at crime trends, ways to reduce it, and working with the community.

Fewer than 35,000 people call Salisbury home, but the report found it has some of the highest crime rates in comparison to similar sized cities in the state.

Woodward Carter lives in the city’s west end. The DOJ identified it as a problem area when it comes to violent crime.

“We need to get something done, because it don’t make sense,” Carter said. “It’s crazy.”

In 2017, Channel 9 told you Salisbury police reached out to the DOJ for help with violent crime.

Tuesday’s report says major improvements are needed, including relief for investigators.

They’re asking police to make changes in data management, to create a violent crime reduction plan, to improve the investigation process and internal and external communications.

The Salisbury police chief told Channel 9 he’s ready to work with the DOJ and is already working on solutions in problem areas.

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