'They were pretty brazen’: Kannapolis neighborhood on edge after string of break-ins

Kannapolis neighborhood worried after string of break-ins

KANNAPOLIS, N.C. — Hundreds of families are on edge after break-ins in several Kannapolis neighborhoods.

Police are looking for suspects who were caught on surveillance video in another string of break-ins that happened overnight.

Guns, electronics, money and a house key were stolen from vehicles, and residents said they’re worried. “They were pretty brazen about it,” said Jessica Hernandez.

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Early Monday morning, dozens of residents in Azalea Estates checked their video footage from surveillance cameras in hopes of catching a glimpse of the culprits.

"Lo and behold, I saw someone trying to get into my truck,” said Jared Rooks.

One suspect could be seen strolling through the neighborhood and checking for unlocked vehicles around 3 a.m. “Invasive -- It felt very invasive and unsettling,” said Hernandez, who watched video of the suspect walking up to her driveway and trying to get into her son’s car.

“It made me angry, too, that somebody thinks they have the right to come onto your property like that,” she said.

Azalea Estates is the latest to be hit in a series of car burglaries in Kannapolis.

Authorities released new photos of the suspects caught on camera in various neighborhoods. In one video, Rooks saw the suspect walk up to his locked truck.

“Rage was first -- my wife’s here and my family. I was very fearful at first,” he said.

The burglar didn’t get anything from his truck. “There are a lot of people just really scared around here but we have a lot of great neighbors and we believe in our Second Amendment rights,” said Rooks.

Residents said they’re worried the situation could escalate.

“Are they going to hit the wrong house, and someone is going to meet them with violence?” said Hernandez.

There is a $1,000 reward for information. Call Kannapolis police at 704-920-4000 if you have any information.

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