• Kenyan students inspired by Panthers' 'Keep Pounding' motto


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Panthers Pride has spread from the Carolinas all the way to Kenya as the team heads to Super Bowl 50.
    Anchor Brittney Johnson skyped with students at The Uhuru Girls Academy in Kenya to learn how the team's motto "keep pounding" has inspired them to achieve their goals.
    "When we heard about the Panthers, we enjoyed the saying like, keep on pounding, which means never give up,” student Eddah Mugure Gachunu said.
    The Uhuru Girls Academy is sponsored by Uhuru Child, a non-governmental organization in Durham, North Carolina.
    Teachers said about 60 percent of students attend the academy on merit-based scholarships.
    Uhuru is Swahili for freedom and Faith, Eddah, Faith and Lucy told anchor Brittney Johnson, they are grateful to be girls who are free to get their education.
    "In Kenya, many of the communities don't let girls go to schools but for us, we have this opportunity," Lucy Wangeci Kamunya, a junior at Uhuru Academy said.
    "It's how this 'keep pounding' motto inspires us each and every day to become what we want," Faith Wambui Muiruri, a sophomore at the academy, said.
    The girls said they picked up on the Panthers and the popular phrase through volunteers and teachers who visit the school from the Carolinas.
    From there, they started dabbing and sharing Panthers' pride online. The students even wrote a song about their love for school and the team to the tune of Adele's "Hello", singing in part, "We know Panthers will win, the Super Bowl...."
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    The online posts help them share more about their mission and the tools they need to reach their goals.
    The students are working to raise money to buy a Panthers-themed bus to remember the team’s motto on during field trips and athletic events. 
    "If it's a Panthers bus, it would be so fantastic," Faith Wangari Kamau said.
    Click here to see more photos of Uhuru Academy students showing Panthers Pride and to learn more about Uhuru Child's mission to educate children in Kenya. 


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