Kitten rides 1,000 plus miles in engine bay in NC woman’s car

Kitten rides 1,000 plus miles in engine bay in NC woman’s car

DURHAM, N.C. — A cat rode 1,100 miles from Texas in the engine bay in a North Carolina woman’s car, WTVD reported.

Sarah Wright lives in Durham and went to go visit her sister who lives in Dallas over Thanksgiving.

Her sister, Deborah Wright, told her about a kitten she brought home one day after it climbed in her car’s engine bay while she was out shopping.

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Deborah said her daughter heard a noise coming from her garage one night, and that’s when they realized what had happened. They were surprised it survived in the car’s engine bay.

“She started hearing meowing. And we were going, ‘No, that couldn’t possibly be that kitten,’” Deborah’s daughter said.

After the holiday and hearing the story about the kitten, Sarah drove 1,100 miles back to Durham.

A few days after she got back, Sarah said her sister called and said the kitten was missing.

“From the time she left we did not see Jag again,” Deborah said.

Sarah said she couldn’t sleep that night and decided to go look under her car’s hood just to check. That’s when she was shocked at what she found.

“I see these eyes looking up at me. I feel like the blood drained out of my head and into my feet and I was just like, ‘Oh, my God,’” said Sarah.

Sarah called her sister the next day to tell her about what happened with the kitten.

She said she was surprised by the kitten who survived a trip that long in a car with the hot engine.

Sarah said she can’t keep the kitten permanently, but is looking for a good home for him.

“We’re hoping that at some point in time he settles and finds a home that he’s willing to stay inside as opposed to, you know, jump in another car," said Sarah.

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