Lake Tillery neighbors frustrated, worried about water-level fluctuations

Lake Tillery residents concerned about water-level fluctuations

NORWOOD, N.C. — Norwood town leaders moved a meeting Monday night about local lake levels to the fire department because there were so many people expected to attend.

About two dozen people spoke at the meeting in Norwood for more than two hours. They were concerned about water-level fluctuations in Lake Tillery.

Some people who live along the lake said they’ve seen the water level go up and down as much as three feet in the last few months.

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Frustrated people on the lake said it’s not just about not being able to take their boat from their dock. Many brought up safety concerns with debris such as 25-foot trees in the lake.

They were also worried that the fluctuations could negatively affect property values.

The lake is owned and operated by Duke Energy – which had representatives at the meeting.

“The fluctuating levels have all of us in a bind,” a resident said. “Property values and safety (are) what it comes down to.”

Utility representatives said the lake’s federal license requires them to let water downstream daily, and the fluctuations are within their guidelines.

“We have to balance all the demands for power, for recreational flows, for lake levels and we work really hard at (Lake) Tillery to comply with the license in all the different seasons that we have,” said Michael Brissie, with Duke Energy hydro operations.