Lake Wylie couple, 9-month-old son survive Brussels airport attacks

Charlotte area couple, 9-month-old son survive Brussels airport terror attacks

LAKE WYLIE, S.C. — A Lake Wylie family was waiting in a departure check-in line Tuesday at the Brussels airport when a blast tore through the airport.

Bob and Martine Georges and their 9-month-old son, Vincent, were checking into their flight home after visiting family in Belgium when the attacks happened.

Bob Georges told Channel 9's partners at The Herald they weren’t sure how close they were to the explosion but said they found out later that CNN reported it exploded one row over from them.

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Bob told Channel 9 reporter Tina Terry that he tried to protect his son by crouching down near luggage, a cart and the service counter.

He said he feared that someone would start shooting, but instead another explosion tore through the airport.

The Georges said they ran in opposite directions of each other at first in the confusion, but officials soon steered them outside.

The couple said they found out days later that a third, larger bomb never went off.

A French woman who was just arriving to the airport drove the Georges 45 minutes to their family in Antwerp.

The couple and their son then started their journey back to Charlotte via Frankfurt, Germany.

Martine told The Herald that she still hears a “strange echo” after the explosions. Bob said the blasts sounded like setting off incredibly loud fireworks in a trash can.

The Georges still have a life in Belgium and Bob’s job with American Airlines allows them to visit often, but the couple said they will not be returning in the near future.

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