Lancaster County officials clear up report about suspicious van

LANCASTER COUNTY, S.C. — The Lancaster County Sheriff's Office said no crime was committed after receiving a report about a possible attempt to abduct children.

Lancaster County Sheriff's Office deputies said two people inside a black Nissan sedan went to a home on Deaton Drive Sunday night but the family was not there, so they went to a neighbor’s house.

They reportedly asked the neighbor to let the family know that the regular school bus driver would be on medical leave Monday and that they would be coming to take their children to school.

On Sunday night, the district put out an automated call to parents about the incident and posted a Facebook message alerting parents that only school buses are sent to pick up children and the school would never send a van.

Deputies said after investigating the report they found the regular bus driver was scheduled to be on leave.

They said a substitute driver drove the route in her personal vehicle to familiarize herself with it and told the neighbors she'd be arriving in the bus on Monday.

An investigator spoke with the substitute drive Tuesday and determined the incident was not related to any criminal activity.